About being over rated

Last week Donald Trump, after getting bashed by Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes, said Meryl Streep was over rated.


I didn’t think there was anything he could say that I would agree with but in this case I found myself nodding in agreement. And I thought, not just Streep but there are so many people and things that are over rated, but no one calls them out.

So as a public service I wanted to talk about a few of them.

Usain Bolt is over rated.

Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games...Commonwealth Games - Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games - Glasgow, Scotland - 26/7/14  Jamaica's Usain Bolt during a press conference  Mandatory Credit: Action Images / Paul Harding  Livepic  EDITORIAL USE ONLY.

Yes he can run the 100 metres under 10 seconds. But that is only useful if you want to get somewhere in that time. Imagine his mother saying ‘Usain can you run down to the store and get me a loaf of bread and the shop is about to close’. Usain charges down and finds the shop closed already because the shop owner’s watch was running fast. Or his mom says ‘Usain can you run down to the store and get some eggs’. He asks ‘How far is it ma?’. She says ‘Oh I don’t know. About a 5 minute walk’. He does the math and says ‘Ma that is 250 metres away and I only run upto 200m’. As I said over rated.


Michael Phelps is over rated.


He can do the freestyle, back stroke, butterfly and breast stroke. Now imagine he is our by the beach and someone says ‘hey Michael, there’s a guy out there drowning can you save him?’ Michael jumps up and then he runs to the edge of the water and then stops’ Should I do free style first? Or the breast stroke? But the butterfly is my main event. Wish I hadn’t had that bong earlier today’. In this deep thinking the drowing guy gets saved by Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. pam-anderson-baywatch

Over rated Michael.


U2 is over rated. They do make some good music and Bono may think wearing those strange red glasses makes him look cool as does Edge with his skull cap. But even a 3 year old kid can see that they are 4 of them and not 2. 3669a3f849a2c43b993b2c3a36e7a14c

And if you can’t even count then you are definitely over rated.


Science is over rated. Anyone remember Boyle’s law from Physics? Exactly. It is so over rated that I couldn’t even be bothered googling what it is. Something to do with hot gas. Or that the higher you go the less oxygen in the air and so you need masks. Really?? Have you ever seen any angels, who live higher than anyone else, with masks? Come on..it is all one big con. choirangels

Or over rated..


Global warming is over rated. I mean come on. Just look at all those pictures of snow in so many parts of the world. Or the recent weather advisory.dct_special15_1280x720

Do you see warming in them? Haven’t you sometimes gone out leaving the heating on by mistake? Or the air conditioner? Exactly the same thing is what happens when God goes out visiting his mates in another galaxy. Sometimes he forgets to turn the fan off and we earthlings get into a flutter. Global warming: over rated.


Let me get back to Meryl Streep. She got an Oscar for her role in Devil wears Prada for being an ogre boss. tumblr_m2pbdvuwle1r06t5b

Come on. I have often been at the receiving end of bosses, or clients, like that. People like me should get recognized for tolerating it than someone like Streep who just played the role of a normal boss. Over rated.


I am pretty sure you have your own examples of over ratedness. Let me know. I want to destroy this sham of average people masquerading as top performers.




22 Years in marketing communications. Worked in India, China, Singapore, Nairobi and now in Bangalore. Love the job. Deep interest in technology as it relates to brands and customer relationships. Avid reader.

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